History of the School:

The demand for education is an appetite that grows with the feeding. The more complex a nation’s economy, the greater will be the demand for a longer period of education or training. The more democratic a society the more anxious its citizens become to give their children a good start in the race of education. Supporters of education technology have commonly relied on the argument that we need to educate our young people for a substantially different world in the twenty-first century than existed in much of the twentieth.

All schools are different. It is something we often forget. One of the problems with the way that the evidence has been presented in the past is that we don't take enough notice of those differences.

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Our Vision is to nurture and establish the latent and inborn skills of the children so as to make them self-reliant, decent, patriotic, hard working and sociable citizens of India. Our vision also aims at the society to be reorganized through children as human loving and altruistic, if not materialistic.

Our Mission is to make learning an enjoyable activitywhich di sciplines children to learn the skillsof life so as t o shape them into ready,fearless and confident human beings in thefuturity, transforming all the challenges in toopportunities.